NonBinary Review Issue #8 The Art of War
by Various
Edited by Allie Marini and Lise Quintana

Issue 8 takes on Sun Tzu's classic text The Art of War. Thirty-one authors explored Sun Tzu's thirteen precepts for those contemplating battle, and applied them to our modern life.

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Brian Barr - Sun Tzu, Lao-Tse
Amy Baskin - shed no drop of blood
Mary Buchinger - A Study of War and Its Consequences
Natalie N. Caro - House Rules
Adrian Ernesto Cepeda - I never know where I stand
Anne Champion - Burning Pages in Gaza
Emily Rose Cole - Self-Portrait as Femme Fatale
Michael DeVault - The Phone Call
Colin Dodds - Tip of His Tongue
Brian Robert Flynn - The Cubism of War
Landon Godfrey - Feet
Victoria Griffin - Her Only Friends
David Hoenig - The State of the Art of War Against Entropy
Jamal H. Iqbal - Shades
Michele Finn Johnson - The Art of a Covenant
Sierra July - Getting Ahead: A Quest
David Landrum - City of Clouds
Fabiyas M V - From Gaza
MANDEM - cover
Kelsey May - Boys Will Be Boys Will Be Boys
Mark Mellon - The Arrest
Julia Older - Stones
Douglas Penick - From the Yong Le Emperor's Notebook
Christopher Pruitt - The Pig
Alex Pruteanu - Interview With Juan Weider
Rie Sheridan Rose - The Art of War
Miles Street - The Riddle
Samantha Terrell - Power
Amanda Tumminaro - The Nightclub Conversation
Sean Van Sickel - AlterMist
Allyson Whipple - The American Art of War: If the Campaign Is Protracted