NonBinary Review #12 The Works of Edgar Allan Poe
by Various
Edited by Selena Chambers and Lise Quintana

For most of the reading public, the name "Edgar Allan Poe" conjures dark, gloomy images of death and horror. But while most people associate Poe with stories like "The Cask of Amontillado," "The Tell-Tale Heart," and "The Raven," there are many other sides to Poe - the romantic, the philosopher, the naturalist. Thirty-three authors and artists explore both the more- and the lesser-known corners of Poe's world.

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Selena Chambers - Guest Editor
David Anderson - Eddie's Bird
Laurence Raphael Brothers - From Out a Full-Orbed Moon
Chris Bullard - The Imp of the Perverse
Patricia Coleman - Tell Tale Voice
Katelyn Dunne - A. Gordon Pym: A New Ending
E. M. Eastick - The Ebony Clock
Sandy Feinstein - The Case of the Stolen Letter, or, The "Procrustean Bed"
James Flanagan - Once Upon a Midnight
Adele Gardner - Silicone Valley
Josh Gauthier - Night of Darkness, Flames of Blood
Orrin Grey - The Murders on Morgue Street
Meadhbh Hamrick - The Ravening
Jamal H. Iqbal - SoliTaire
Adam Knight - A Brush With Death
Sam Lauren - Gwendolyn
Marie C Lecrivain - Love in the House of Usher
Jennie MacDonald - Lemonade
MANDEM - cover art
John C. Mannone - Poe
Alan Meyrowitz - "The Raven" Revisited
Julia Patt - A Girl's Guide to Being Buried Alive
Robert Perret - Madmen of a Harmless Nature
Guy Prevost - Death of a Poet
Brian Quinn - Lord of the Bones; Madeline; Lenore; The Plague
Janet Reed - Living in the House of Usher
Alexandra Renwick - From Horn to Horn
Marge Simon - A Dream; Alone
Samantha Stiers - My Mother's People
Nancy Ellis Taylor - A Cask and a Curse
Nathan Tompkins - To My Daughter
Evan Morgan Williams - Ronnie Jackson and the Rainbow Lights
Shannon Connor Winward - Ligeia in the Bridal Chamber