Dearly Beloved
by Various
Edited by Lise Quintana and the Zoetic Press staff

2016 was relentless in cutting down some of our most beloved cultural icons, so twenty authors took up their pens and told us about the losses that touched them most. From megastars to supporting players, these twenty stories of love and loss will help you process the loss of your favorite celebrity, demigod, megastar, or hero.

Available in these formats:


Lucy Anderton - 2016
Daniel Ari - Without You
Kolleen Carney - Six Feet Beneath Me Sleep
Sarah Evans - Leonard Cohen Days
Gregory Fletcher - Dallas Guilt
Debra H. Goldstein - Good-Bye Nora Ephron
Imade Iyamu - The Crooked Smile
Aimee Knight - You're Not Alone
Rachel Lindan - My Heart Has Joined the Thousand
Annika Lindok - Dear Pete
Vita Lusty - Holding On To His Freedom
Fabiyas M V - Sonam Snow-slide
Katie Darby Mullins - Deliberate Love and Kooks
Brian Quinn - cover art
Luisa Reyes - Governor Brewer
Gabriel Ricard - Spectacular Background Lightning
Lorie Singer - Writer, Warrior, Royalty
Angeline Stein - Why I Love Jeffrey Dahmer
Nathan Tompkins - Andy
Laura Warrell - Dearly Beloved: A Eulogy for Prince
Lani Watt - O Captain! My Captain!