Alphanumeric 8: The Art of War
by Various
Edited by Allie Marini and Lise Quintana

This edition of The Art of War challenges the modern reader to understand the principles of engagement, and how those principles are every bit as relevant in modern culture as they are in ancient situations of battle.


Available in these formats:
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Brian Barr - Sun-Tzu, Lao-Tse
Adrian Ernesto Cepeda - I never know where I stand
Michael DeVault - The Phone Call
Colin Dodds - Tip of His Tongue
Brian Robert Flynn - The Cubism of War
Michele Finn Johnson - The Art of a Covenant
Sierra July - Geeting Ahead: A Quest
Mark Mellon - The Arrest
Alex Pruteanu - Interview With Juan Weider
Miles Street - The Riddle
Sean Van Sickel - AlterMist
Allyson Whipple - The American Art of War: If the Campaign is Protracted