Alphanumeric 7: The Woman in White
Edited by Allie Marini and Lise Quintana

Wilkie Collins' 1859 novel explored the themes of women's place in society, the injustice of the British legal system, and the choices women must make to survive. Progressive and forward-thinking, this novel was written from a variety of points of view, and serialized for a popular audience. These 12 stories take up Collins' themes and run with them.

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Alana I. Capria - The Siblings
Gregg Chamberlain - A Colorful Odyssey
Carla Drysdale - What He Said
T. Imel - Paper Girl
Jamal H. Iqbal - Stillness
Idynne MacInnes - The Legend of Anne Catherick
Nick Nafpliotis - Numbers Game
Katie Naum - Fever
Sierra Ortega - On the Road to London
Beth Overmyer - The Price of Secrets
Tatiana Ryckman - Hitchcock
Steven Spillman - Into Oblivion