Alphanumeric 5: The King in Yellow
Edited by Allie Marini and Lise Quintana

Although most people have never heard of it, The King in Yellow was the basis for some of our most popular entertainments - Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos was founded on it, as was televisions "True Detectives" series. Fourteen authors have gone back to the original, interpreting it in fiction and poetry that will make you shiver.

Available in these formats:
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Tantra Bensko - Performance of A King in Yellow
Carina Bissett - The Yellowed Press of an Ancient Power
Robert F. Gross - Yellow Script
Deborah Guzzi - Bloodied Nail Beds
Caroline Johnson - This Yellow Balloon
Linda Kennedy - Preacher Man
M.W. Mani - The King [A Masquerade]
Kaela McNeil - A Romantic Evening With a Cthulhu Figurine
Frankie Met - An Excerpt From The Professional Donor
Konstantine Paradias - Down Cancer Orchard Way
James Pratt - He Is Coming
Julio Toro San Martin - Interview From a Blog Site Dedicated to Supernatural Investigations
Steve Toase - Smoke Names
D.J. Tyrer - In the Company of Mr. King