Alphanumeric 4: Bulfinch's Mythology
Edited by Allie Marini and Lise Quintana

Stories about the Greek gods form the basis of many of Western society's stories. See what 15 writers and artists did with these classic tales from antiquity.

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Kristin Agudelo - Hermaphrodite
Carina Bissett - Tuning Philomel's Steely Strings in the Wasteland's Dark Matter
Susan G. Duncan - Bulfinch
Joel and Angela Enos - Gordon
Deborah Guzzi - Martial Acts
Jesse Janeshek - Minotaur Nutrition
Marie Lecrivain - Philemon's Gambit
Geri Lipschultz - Aphrodite in Manhattan
MANDEM - Asterios
John Mueter - The Return of Orestes
Weslyn Newburn - Orchis Feasting
Lillian Ann Slugocki - Orpheus and Eurydice
David Taylor - The Alliteriad
Laura Madeline Wiseman - Local Monsters