Alphanumeric 3: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Edited by Allie Marini and Lise Quintana

Thirteen authors take on L. Frank Baum's classic, and the result is 50 pages of poetry and fiction that offers fresh insights into this 1900 classic.

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Cathy Bryant - Dorothy, Later in Life
Flower Conroy - The Orphan's Pup
Hedwicka Cox - Glinda the Good
Emily Rose Cole - Tin Man Sings the Blues
Elise Forier Edie - The Love Magnet
Susan J. Erickson - Mr. Wizard
A.J. Huffman - Of Oz
John Kaniecki - In Our Land of Oz
Charie D. La Marr - The Yenta of Ros
N.I. Nicholson - Dorothy, Under the Bodhi Tree
Julia Older - Mother Cloud
Lorraine Schein - Dorothy Gale
Jen Stein - Grown Up Dorothy Steps on the Scale