NonBinary Review #9 A Study in Scarlet
by Various
Edited by Allie Marini and Lise Quintana

Issue 9 begins with Arthur Conan Doyle's classic A Study in Scarlet - the place where Sherlock Holmes begins. It is here that Sherlock meets Watson, where the reader is introduced to Holmes's unorthodox methods of detection. Thirty-seven artists and authors take on this classic text with some surprising results.

Available in these formats:
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Ivy Alvarez - Extract of brown; Extract of red
Brian Barr - A Dreamy, Vacant Expression
Shinjini Bhattacharjee - In which Lucy dying from a broken heart explains why she didn't leave behind her shadow near the boulder
Karen Boissonneault-Gauthier - The Clue; Eye Spy
Jenna Burns - Our First Draft
Jenn Cavanaugh - Pinker's Study
Gregg Chamberlain - Moriarty's Music Hall Memories
Felipe Crisantemo - A Monograph on the Identifying Characteristics of Cigarette Ashes
Kristen Figgins - Rache
Emma Fissenden - Rache
Adri Frick - A Letter to the Editors of Strand Magazine
Diane Glazman - Scarlet in the Study
Resa Haile - Extracts from the Diary of Lucy Ferrier in the Days of Her Captivity
Justine Johnson Hemmestad - The Haunting of Sherlock Holmes
Deborah Herman - Sleuth-Hound
David Hoenig - He Paints for Dilettantes and a Single Connoisseur
David Landrum - The Baker Street Irregulars: Thirty Years After
Janna Layton - Millenial John and Sherlock Meet Via Craigslist
Jenna LĂȘ - A Bloody Dim Harlot
James Leech - The Study
Kristie Betts Letter - Gallery
Judith Lloyd - Murdering a Mad Dog
Christina Lynch - A Study in Scarlet, CA
Jennifer MacBain-Stephens - Rubicund
MANDEM - cover art
Mack W. Mani - A Study in Watson, or (You Have Been in Afghanistan, I Perceive)
Diane Martin - Clue
Erica Gerald Mason - i think i need a friend
Jennifer Met - Pantoum in B Minor
Randon Billings - 69 Inches of Thread, Scarlet and Otherwise
Amanda Papenfus - In the Centre of the Black
Michael H. Payne - A Study in Sorrel
Robert Perret - How Hope Learned the Trick
Joy Preble - A Seduction in Scarlet
Effie Seiberg - The Apothecary's Handbook
Shloka Shankar - Of Deduction
Amanda Yskamp - Rache