NonBinary Review #13: Urban Legends from
by Various
Edited by Kolleen Carney and Lise Quintana

It happened to a friend of a friend. You read it on a conspiracy theory website. It seems like it should be true. It's a heartwarming story. This is the stuff of urban legends, and the place you go to prove or disprove those legends is But where do those stories come from in the first place? What are the stories behind the rumors? In this issue, twenty-seven authors and artists confront twenty-seven rumors, theories, and legends to give us the reality behind the website.

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Kolleen Carney - Guest Editor
Carolyn Agee - Showman Calling
Daniel Ari - Mortuary Worker Accidentally Cremated While Napping
Anthony Ausiello - The Dracula Crest
Devon Balwit - A Modest Proposal
Phoebe Cramer - The Squirrels of Madison Square Park
Christina Dalcher - Lincoln, Kennedy, and Me
Denise Dumars - The Mexican Pet
Sara Kate Ellis - The Railyard
Todd H. C. Fischer - 800 Pounds, Easy!
J. Anthony Gohier - Lights in the Dark
Sophie Grimes - The Skull Is An Empty Time Capsule, Not an Alien
Zeke Jarvis - Ways to Go
Anna Kaye-Rogers - Slenderman's Beast
E. E. King - Signs That the World Might Be Ending
Robin LaVoie - Einstein's Bicycle
Jeanne Lutz - Minnesota Vikings Open Their Stadium to Shelter the Homeless
MANDEM - cover artJohn C. Mannone - The Smell of Rain
Erica Gerald Mason - Bananakiwi Claire
Laura Page - Shirt Panels
Sarah Peploe - White Leather Sofa
Jessy Randall - The Fizziest Death
kerry rawlinson - Ghost-Ship Resurrection
Cameron Schneberger - 8 Maxims For the Toys R Us Ghost
Jim Sienkiewicz - Jake the Alligator Man
Ron Clinton Smith - Wombed Heart
J. Ryan Sommers - Haymarket Maggie
Melissa Sos - Equinox