NonBinary Review #11 Anne of Green Gables
by Various

For over a hundred years, Anne of Green Gables has charmed young people who are inspired by Anne's plucky determination and boundless imagination. In this issue, 23 authors let us peek into the impact this adorable redhead has had on their lives.

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Carolyn Agee - All Too Beautiful to Last
Rebecca Bennett - Love, by Alexander Graham Bell
Carina Bissett - After Dark, When White Things Whisper
Gayle Brandeis - Gables
Shari Caplan - Anne&Diana/One Canoe
Jan Chronister - On Potato Island
Marissa Cohen - Anne Shirley Gone Girl
Michelle Donofrio - Raspberry Cordial
Meg Eden - I Don't Think I Ever Read Anne of Green Gables
Melanie J. Fishbane - The New Girl
Lauren Harwyn - A Night in a Wild Cherry Tree
Karen Hayashida - Kindred Spirit Can No Longer Keep Secret
Tolonda Henderson - Twenty Pounds of Brown Sugar
Louise Hopewell - The Ants
Anna Levine - Kindred Spirits
Jennie MacDonald - On Reflection
Lily Iona MacKenzie - The Dollhouse
Julian Tirhma - The Moon Shall Endure
Rochelle Spencer - Guardian Angels
J. J. Steinfeld - In the Mind of Love
Samantha Stiers - Anne/Ann
Hazel Kight Witham - The Lady of the Watch
Meg Yardley - Marilla Calls Her Back From Daydreams