NonBinary Review #10 Alice in Wonderland
by Various
Edited by Lise Quintana and Allie Marini

Lewis Carroll's classic Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, and Through the Looking Glass, And What Alice Found There form the basis of this amazing issue. Over 40 authors and artists provide fiction, nonfiction, poetry and art that explores a world people have loved for 150 years.

Available in these formats:
$ 1.99


B. Morris Allen - Coup de Tart: A Literary Trifle
Magdalena Ball - Malice, Golden Afternoon
Brian Barr - Alice Versus the Curiosities of Nostalgia and Reality
Tantra Bensko - Several Pretty Histories
Jenny Bhatt - Neeru's New World
Carina Bissett - Foreword
Laurie Blanton - Butterfly
Philip Gregg Chamberlain - Pig and Pepper
Brittney Corrigan - The Hatter's Daughter
Erin Dorney - Alice Erasure Suite
Sandy Feinstein - Oú est ma chatte?
Jeff Fleischer - The Lion, The Unicorn, and the Dragon
Jennifer Grant - Panning Wizards and Wonderland
Trish Hopkinson - Strange Verses
A.J. Huffman - Alice Choked
Bethanie Humphreys - Inverted
Anessa Jordan - White Rabbit Card
Christina Lynch - Chapter VIII and a Half
John C. Mannone - At a Waffle House, Alice Simply Wanted Grits
Tanaka Mhishi - Muchness
Soumya Mishra - A Dip Into the Lapis Lazuli
Sarah Frances Moran - Become a Deadly Weapon Now
T.A. Noonan - Don't Come Around Here No More
Toni O'Brien - Alice Past the Mirror
Steph Post - Alice-Ecila
Julie Reeser - Boys Will Be Boys But Girls Will Be Queens
Lorraine Schein - Auto-Cento of Looking Glass Shards
Erin Elizabeth Smith - The Carroll Illustrations
Gretchen Tessmer - Twin Speech & Forest Fires
Casey Tingle - The Knave of Hearts' Innocence
Pablo Valcarcel - The Hatter's Last Visitor
Olivia Vande Woude - $20 Taxi Ride
Edd Vick - Expeditionary Force
Alex Vigue - The Thing
Alia Volz - The Red Queen
Lynn White - Hiding In My Dream
Wendy Wimmer - Ghosting
Olivia Wolfgang-Smith - Sailing Alone Around the World
Theodora Ziolkowski - Alice's Appetite