Write Like You're Alive 2016
by Various
Edited by Lise Quintana and the Zoetic Press staff

Over 150 people took up the challenge to Write Like You're Alive - to create at least 20 new pieces of work during the month of July. By July 31, sixty-three authors and artists had staggered across the finish line. This is the product of their wild month of creativity.

Available in these formats:


Carolyn Agee - Monarchy
Ivy Alvarez - Liver
Lauren McLean Ayer - Stolen Writing Moments
Debra Solomon Baker - Beauty?
Magdalena Ball - Adventurer Extraordinaire
Jo Barber - power lines
Barbara Berg - Perihelion
Ken Billett - Excerpt from After Life
Andrea Blythe - The Tenth Sister
Sarah Borsten - Independence
J. Bradley - Factory Recall
Tara Campbell - More Bang-Bang For Your Buck
Kolleen Carney - Dead Girl Erasure
Jenn Cavanaugh - In retrospect
Jan Chronister - Thoughts While Baking Bread
Chauna Craig - Parting Gifts
Kara Dennison - Excerpt From All My Love, Dee
James Ducat - First Letter of Interest
Tessara Dudley - postcards to nowhere
Barbara Duffey - After Odysseus Elytis
Meg Eden - Tonsil stones
Angele Ellis - In Dallas: July 8, 2016
Ashley Elizabeth Evans - not prayer
Allison Fairchild - Total War
Laurie Frisbey - The Rabbit Hole
Diane Glazman - Dear F. Scott
Leslie Grollman - I Got It!
Amy Halloran - When the Part Resembles the Whole
Liz Hart - Excerpt From The Anxiety Journal
Jennifer Hernandez - A Giantess Treks Across North Dakota at Sunset
Michael K. Hill - What Time Is It?
David Hoenig - Work
Jennifer E. Hudgens - Love. Cats. And the Impossible Thing
April Jones - The First Foreigner
David Landrum - Excerpt from The Warrior From Valhalla
Marie C. Lecrivain - Noachis
Judith Lloyd - Unknown Pleasures
Lennart Lundh - Old Woman with Photograph
Erica Gerald Mason - Her Venom Was a Smile of Infinite Irony
Eileen Mattmann - The Siren
Michele Montserrat - Grief
Elizabeth O'Connell-Thompson - Bandelettes
Beth Overmyer - Confusing Your Garden
Michael H. Payne - One About a Badger, Apparently
Tim Philippart - Breast Feeding
Sandy Post - All in a Day's Work
Tania Pryputniewicz - Rules for Consulting the Oracle
Julie Reeser - The Hub
D. M. Rowles - Flights of Angels
Shloka Shankar - Full Circle
Alex Simand - Suppose Your Mother Was a Spotted Kestrel
Marina Sofia - Wonder...
Jenn Stein - Dessication of the Spine Due to Birdflight
Tom Stock-Hendel - Armstrong
Susan Sylvester - Afterbirth
Marianne Szlyk - Abandoned
Briauna Taylor - Paper Dolls
Nathan Tompkins - Acknowledgement
Alisa Ungar-Sargon - CeeCee in the Bookstore
Sherre Vernon - Justice (XI)
Emily Vieweg - Line 13
Dawn Vogel - KC Power and Light
Cheryl Wollner - The Heart